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Affordable flooring solutions, durable

and most of all Waterproof! 

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl


Our collection of the best, includes budget friendly to the warm and cozy cork back products that can warm up the coldest of atmospheres!  With a warm textured surface, Luxury Vinyl is very easy to maintain. Damp mop, vacuum, or try our cleaning system, our Woodpecker cleaning kit. Best of all, you can use them anywhere, damp basements, sloppy kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and some are even great for seasonal cottages! 

Luxury Vinyl Planks have the appearance of real hardwood flooring but behaves in a complete different manner. Slops and spills can be missed and left over night to evaporate. Missing spills in a busy home is quite easily done! 

With waterproof stone enhanced cores, the new generation of vinyl is taking the market by storm. The choice of most landlords prove even our budget easy vinyl planks are tough, dependable and look amazing. 

All our collection, passes the strictest condo boards regulations of sound, when combined with our separately installed premium Husssh underlays or our premium attach back products. The attached back products use antibacterial corks, or synthetic insulating material.

Check out our vast inventory of Luxury Vinyl Planks......

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