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Today's carpet is nothing like yesterday's carpet.


With the new Stainproof fiber systems that have been developed from recycled materials, it's lower production and shipping costs, lower installation costs, Carpet is once again becoming a viable flooring choice, for many homeowners, designers, and contractors.

Our fashionable "oh so soft" Stainproof carpets when installed on our premium cushions, give our customers the very best in insulation values, durability, stainproof properties and most of all value. Naturally static free, carpet can install over top of rough surfaces much easier than any other products in the marketplace. 

Your total out of pocket project costs with carpet are usually much lower than other products that need considerable preparation work for their proper installation. Keeping in mind that fashions change nearly every seven years or (even five nowadays,) even our value budget carpets that we install on our premium cushions, can go on to live for more than 20 years. 

These facts are true just from working in this area for over 40 years, there are carpets that are still being used that we installed in in the '90s!! Check out our fabulous carpet line today!! 

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